Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Rose is still dealing with the "blood whore" drama, but as bad as it sucks for her she worries about Lissa. Lissa's using compulsion to win the royals over but Rose has yet to see her do it so she decides to purposefully go inside her head again. She focuses on it during class and slips into Lissa's mind as she's talking to Camille Conta. Lissa tells Camille that she only fed on Rose because there weren't any feeders and it isn't a big deal. She talks Camille into believing that Jesse is lying. After "convincing" Camille to invite her to study she stops the compulsion. Camille leaves and suddenly Christian is there. He lets her know that he saw the compulsion and calls the royals her slaves.

"At least she isn't like you. She doesn't pretend to be my friend one day and then ignore me for no reason the next."

Christian's confused by her words but he continues on with being rude and bitter. Lissa gives up and walks off. Rose returns to her own mind.

The next day, Rose goes to her training session with Dimitri. During the break, Rose admits that she's worried about her looks becoming destroyed by the guardian lifestyle. Dimitri says it won't happen to her and Rose's heart does a little flip, but she doesn't believe him. It happened to her own mother. They talk about her mom abandoning her and the strain it put on their relationship. Dimitri thinks she's too hard on her.

"It could have been worse, I suppose. I could have been raised with blood whores."
"I was raised in a dhampir commune. They aren't as bad as you think."

Rose immediately feels bad for her comment and asks him what it was like and if Moroi men ever came there. They do. He asks her if she ever knew her father and tells her that he knows his. He visited his mother a lot, but didn't treat her very well. Rose asks him if she let him. She did, but he didn't.

"Tell me, tell me you beat the crap out of him."
"I did."

Rose realizes that's why he got so upset about her and Jesse. Dimitri says he knows the rumors aren't true because he knows her character and that she'll be a great guardian. She knows that no one else believes that. She admits she doesn't want to cut her hair. He says she doesn't have to and then reaches for her hair, holding it in his hand. Realizing what he's doing, he lets it go and says "Don't cut it."

"But no one'll see my tattoos if I don't."
"Wear it up."

Eeep! Such a cute scene between Rose and Dimitri! This was a really short chapter. Not a whole lot happened except that we saw Lissa's compulsion in action, the tension between Lissa and Christian, and a little romance between Rose and Dimitri. They are just too cute together.

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