Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A few days later, Lissa brings Rose news that Natalie's father, Lissa's Uncle Viktor, is taking Natalie off campus to go shopping for a dress for the dance and that she's allowed to take three people with her: Lissa, Camille and Rose. She says that Viktor and Dimitri are trying to convince Headmistress Kirova to let her go. Lissa went to her backpack to show Rose a pair of shoes Camille let her borrow and screams. Books, the shoes and a dead dove spills out. Rose kicks the stuff away and see Lissa trying to touch the bird. She begs her not to do it and reminds her of her promise to not use her powers anymore. Then Natalie walks up and sees what's going on, asking why people keep doing that to Lissa.

The next day they discover that Kirova had given Rose permission to go to the mall with them. Dimitri explains that he told Kirova he could use the mall visit as a training exercise for her. On the way to the mall, Dimitri and another guardian explained to Rose how guardian partnerships work and how difficult it is to kill a Strigoi as part of the training exercise. Viktor then says "It reminds me of Mikhail hunting Sonya." Lissa doesn't know Ms. Karp had become Strigoi by choice, but Rose does. Mikhail Tanner was in love with Ms. Karp, and he was trying to find her so he could kill her.

They reach the mall and Lissa offers to buy Rose whatever she wants, Rose taking her up on the offer. Making sure no one could hear, Lissa shows her disappointment that Rose didn't tell her about Ms. Karp. Rose remembers how she found out--the two guardians who were guarding her while she was suspended were discussing it. She hadn't told Lissa that night because she was upset, feeling like she was being followed. She was also still upset over what Wade had done and said that Rose shouldn't be punished for it. That was when Rose and Lissa left.

Lissa picks out a silky black dress for Rose and buys it. On the way back Rose asks Dimitri if he saw the dress and if he likes it. He doesn't answer and she takes it as a yes.

"Am I going to endanger my reputation if I wear it to the dance?"
"You'll endanger the school."

At his comment she smiles and fall asleep, waking when they reach the school to find her head resting on his shoulder and his coat covering her.

Walking back to the dorm she's talking to Lissa and walking across benches when her foot gets caught in one and twists on the way back down. Her leg cracks and she blacks out.

Ouch. I can't imagine how bad that felt. I've never broken anything in my life! It's exciting though that Rose finally got a little freedom, even if she had to use that time as a training exercise. And Ms. Karp went Strigoi?? Crazy, right??? 

So how about chapter 17?? What are your thoughts?


  1. Yeah I don't know if I buy that whole "Ms. Karp went Strigoi". Methinks there was more to that story than that. But we'll just have to see.

    Also, the whole bench thing came out of nowhere. Kinda odd.


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