Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Rose wakes up in the clinic to Dimitri sitting next to her. He says she's lucky she wasn't seriously injured. It's just a sprain. He hands her a gift from Viktor Dashkov along with a note from him that says:
I'm very happy to see you didn't suffer any serious injuries from your fall. Truly, it is a miracle. You lead a charmed life, and Vasilisa is lucky to have you.
She opens the gift to find the rose necklace that she and Lissa were looking at in the jewelry store during their trip to the mall. Dimitri then hands her another gift, this time from him. It's lip gloss, the kind she likes. She asks why he bought it and he replies that he thought it would make her happy. She hugs and thanks him. He tells her how glad he is that she's better and runs his fingers over her face and into her hair. She thought about kissing him, but a knock on the door from the doctor interrupts the thought. She tells Rose that she needed to stay out of her normal training for the next day and released her. Dimitri tells her that she has a great body for healing and that he'd heard about the accident. This gets Rose thinking about what Viktor's note said.. Truly, it is a miracle. You lead a charmed life. . . . Rose knew right then that Lissa had healed her leg, just as she'd healed her at the accident. The one she shouldn't have survived. The one that Lissa had passed out at the hospital and been exhausted for days after. Healing Rose had taken it's tole on her body. 

Rose snaps inside Lissa's mind instantly, finding her inside the chapel crying. She's happy to have healed Rose but feels weak for having done so when she promised she wouldn't use her powers anymore. She doesn't want to pretend to be friends with the royals anymore or pretend she likes Aaron while he adores her. Christian shows up then and asks if she's okay. She snaps at him when he asks if she wants to talk which sparks an argument about her recent behavior. He asks if she knew why Mia acted the way she did towards her. Lissa thinks it's jealousy, but Christian tells her the truth--her brother had slept with her and broke her heart. He screwed her over. Lissa doesn't believe him at first. He tells her he's not a liar, but she and Rose are. When Lissa says she "likes" Aaron, Christian leans in and kisses her passionately.

"That's what you do with someone you like."

Lissa denies liking Christian. He makes fun of Aaron again and she demands he leave. He does after calling her "Your Highness" once more. She begins crying again, harder this time. The depression and madness overcome her. She grabs her razor blade and begins cutting her wrists, laughing afterwards. Rose leaves her head, knowing she has to stop her. She looks at Dimitri who had been standing in front of her saying her name. "I know where she is. Lissa. We have to help her."

A rather dramatic ending to that chapter! Lissa is really spiraling out of control and downward into madness. Especially after healing Rose's leg. She is definitely in need of some help. Some serious help. Don't you think??

What did you think of this chapter? 


  1. I'll be reading this book soon because I want to read it before I go to see the movie with my sister. I have high hopes for this series and I think I'll enjoy it =) It has been awhile since I've read a vampire book, but this series has definitely caught my interest.

    1. It's such a great series! I really hope you enjoy it. And enjoy the movie as well :)


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