Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 2


Chapter 2

After being placed on a private jet, Dimitri orders the girls to separate. Rose sits stewing and trying to come up with an escape plan but her chances at getting herself and Lissa out were looking rather grim. The only time they would have a chance would be when they landed in Montana, and even then the chance of escape was slim with the wards surrounding the Academy and the many guardians protecting it. Rose can feel Lissa's fear through their bond. She feels it so strongly that she's pulled into her mind. She can feel herself sitting there, in her seat, in her skin. She can see Dimitri sitting beside her--Lissa--and the molnija marks on the back of his neck. Six of them. One for each Strigoi he'd killed. She shifts back into her own mind. Neither one of them can control when it happens.

Dimitri walks back to where Rose is sitting before the plane touches down.

"Doing that . . . protecting her like that--it was very brave." He paused. "Stupid, but still brave. Why did you even try it?"
. . . "Because I'm her guardian."

The conversation ends there, and when they finally land Lissa and Rose are driven out to the Academy. Rose looks at the church-like architecture on campus as they drive through. Dimitri takes them straight through the commons area on their way to Headmistress Kirova's office. Students and faculty alike follow them with their eyes as they walk through, Lissa's cousin Natalie among them. Rose sees Lissa's ex-boyfriend Aaron holding hands with a very pissed-off-looking blonde girl. Once they make it into the office, only Dimitri and the guardians captain Alberta stay. 

Rose notices with a start that Lissa's "uncle" Prince Victor Dashkov is also in the room, and Rose can tell by looking at him that his sickness has gotten the best of him and keeping him from becoming king.

Kirova sets in on a lecture, telling both girls how irresponsible it was to run away. She blames Rose for everything, even though Lissa had wanted to leave. Rose snaps. "I did do my duty!" She tells them all that she kept Lissa safe when none of them would. Headmistress Kirova however shoots her down quickly--Rose will be leaving as soon as possible, while Lissa stays. Rose's anger gets the best of her again and Dimitri comes to her aid by stating that the girls have a bond.

"Rose knows what Vasilisa is feeling. Don't you?"

Kirova is caught off guard, saying it's impossible. Dimitri says he noticed it the second he started watching them. Victor Dashkov says it's a rare and wonderful gift. Dimitri again comes to Roses aid by reminding the headmistress that in the stories the best guardians always had that bond that Rose and Lissa share. Headmistress Kirova continues to argue against Rose staying at the Academy with Dimitri ultimately winning the argument when he agrees to become her mentor and catch her up on what she missed over the last two years. Kirova agrees, but only on the condition that Rose's stay at the Academy is probationary. If she steps out of line, she's gone. She can only attend classes, training sessions, and her training with Dimitri. She's otherwise banned from all other activities. Rose accepts their offer.


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to see Rose's fiery personality on screen, though she definitely has an attitude problem. I think it would probably be in her best interest if she would keep her mouth shut and choose her words wisely, don't you?


  1. Rose is pretty hot-headed, but I'm curious to see how things'll go for them both now that their back at school. And I have to say, that headmistress is a total B****.

    1. Oh yeah. Kirova is a TOTAL B****! I mean, I get that Rose needed to be punished, but if you're going to punish one girl you should punish both! And not so harshly.


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