Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" The girl demands. Rose, always cunning, tells her that the elementary school is "that way". The girl tells her to never touch her again. Rose threatens the girl and that if she doesn't  believe her, she can ask the girl whose arm she broke in ninth grade. At that moment, a staff member walked by and the girl drags Aaron away.

Rose asks Lissa who it was that she had just threatened, but Lissa didn't know and she explains that she needs to see the feeders. A disappointment grows in Rose that she isn't expecting. Having fed Lissa for so long she had grown used it and didn't want to admit that she was starting to enjoy it. She follows Lissa into one of the cubicles that held a middle-aged woman with a dreamy look in her eyes. Being a feeder was kind of like being a junkie--they're humans who volunteer to give blood away for regular feedings and in return are well cared for by the vampire society. They're addicts who desire the high they get from Moroi saliva. And even though these people are their life force, most Moroi still look down upon their lifestyle.

As Lissa feeds on the woman, Rose notices feelings of jealousy sprouting up in herself. What's wrong with you? Why should you miss it? You aren't addicted, not like this. And you don't want to be. After the feeding, Lissa and Rose returned to the commons where Rose gathered up her own food. She asks Lissa how classes were going--pretty much the same as Rose's. Lissa hands Rose her schedule and Rose notices that Lissa is taking Basics in Elemental Control. When asked about it, Lissa responds that seniors take specialized classes. But Lissa hadn't specialized in one of the elements yet. Rose asks Lissa if she told her instructor about what had happened. "No. Of course not."

Lissa's cousin Natalie calls them over to her table and Rose reluctantly follows Lissa over. Natalie is overjoyed that Lissa is back, giving her a hug, and going on a tangent about how she just new Lissa would return one day. But then she asked what Lissa did for blood and while Lissa froze, Rose jumped in by saying that tons of humans want to do it, avoiding telling them the truth. The conversation changed to a different topic and Rose scans the commons looking at the familiar faces finds Mason among them, as well as Aaron and his new girl. She decides to ask Natalie who she is.

"Huh? Oh. Mia Rinaldi . . . Don't you remember her?"

She explains that Mia's popularity rose very fast after Lissa and Rose left. Before they could get much further into the conversation, Jesse Zeklos walks by their table and conversation halted. You flirted with other guys simply for the sake of flirting. You flirted with Jesse in hopes of getting semi-naked with him. He tells Rose they should hang out sometime and walks away.

After their afternoon classes, Lissa and Rose stand outside the school, contemplating leaving again. Lissa argues that they should stay while Rose insists that Lissa shouldn't be there. Lissa says she hasn't had many things happen lately and she didn't feel like anyone was following or watching them. Before they left the Academy, Lissa felt like she was being watched, hunted. One of their teachers, Ms. Karp, had talked about the same thing. Rose agrees to stay but only on the condition that Lissa stay away from the royals. Lissa says she can't stay away from them. She has her parents title and she has to keep the connections like her brother did--the one who's now dead. Rose suggests laying low and hanging with Natalie for a while and Lissa complies. Rose admits to herself that she doesn't want to lay low, but she'll do what she must for Lissa. It was easier for Rose to be among those people than it is for Lissa. Rose didn't have the duties of being a royal--one of the twelve ruling Moroi families. She didn't have to deal with fake friends or Moroi backstabbers or bribery. Lissa cracked under the pressure before they left and Rose didn't want that to happen again. "If anything goes wrong--anything at all--we leave. No arguments."

It is here that Dimitri shows up, scolding Rose for being late to practice. As she and Dimitri walk away, she gets pulled into Lissa's head. Lissa goes to the Russian Orthodox chapel and goes through a doorway that least up to the attic. Rose realizes that Lissa visits the room often--to escape, to think. Lissa sits by the window, commanding herself to relax.

"You can have the Academy but not the window seat."

Christian Ozera had walked in. Christian Ozera was someone that most of the alive vampires were afraid of. There were two ways to make a Strigoi--Strigoi could force them to turn with a single bite or a Moroi could choose to become Strigoi by purposefully killing another person while feeding. It was considered very dark and a great sin to kill to become Strigoi which causes the loss of their elemental magic, and that's exactly what happened to Christian Ozera's parents: they chose to become Strigoi.


Oooohhhhh what a place to end a chapter! I would be totally freaked if I were Lissa. And Rose actually. It would be pretty crazy to get sucked into someone else's mind and have absolutely no control over the matter. Not being in control of your body, or the person whose body you're in, just kind of floating there. It would pretty much suck. And you know Rose is just DYING to get to Lissa right then, but having no way out of her mind she's kind of helpless to do anything. Yeah, that would be awful.

So what did you think of this chapter? A bit of drama at the beginning huh? Mia could definitely be a problem..


  1. That's so weird that Rose can go into Lissa's mind like that - what a huge invasion of privacy! I can see how it can be helpful, in their instance, but at least things like that can't happen in the real world. But I wonder what happens to Rose's body when she enters Lissa's mind - does she just blank out, or can she still move around and stuff?

    1. I think she just blanks out.. but it would be super weird to be inside someone else's mind and not be able to do anything about it! As far as Lissa goes, it would be helpful in protecting her but with Rose not being able to control when she comes out of her mind she wouldn't be able to do anything about it until she left. That definitely poses a huge problem!

    2. That just sucks!! What if she were to go in Rose's mind when she was being intimate with someone or something?! Lissa has a right to be pissed about it....maybe there's a way to control it.


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