Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 6

Hey guys! *waves* We're back to our reading of Vampire Academy!! Although I'm sure some of you may have been surpassed this chapter because it's just that good! :) I hope you're enjoying the Read-Along and the summaries I'm posting--mainly to help you remember them better! And to help myself as well. Okay, enough talking.. let's get down to business!

Chapter 6

Lissa and Christian's meeting in the church gives Rose an idea--she asks Headmistress Kirova if her social restrictions included going to church. Kirova allows her to attend services on Sundays.

After attending her first service, she remembers why she quit going--it's as lame as she remembers--but she's happy to be with Lissa. She watches the people during the service, finding Christian sitting on the opposite side of the aisle and Dimitri sitting in the back. 

The priest talks about St. Vladimir, the schools patron saint, having a hard time following the path of God. St. Vladimir is said to have been able to heal the sick, but also was said to have been insane. Very few respected him. Rose was complaining in her head about having to listen to the stories of him until the priest mentions "shadow-kissed Anna" and she's suddenly hanging on every word. Unfortunately that was the end of the service.

Rose quickly walks up the the priest asking him about the meaning of the word "shadow-kissed" but he isn't entirely sure what it refers to. When she asked who Anna was, the priest walks through the door leading to the attic and returns with a book: Moroi Saints.

"You can learn about her in here. The next time I see you, I'd like to hear what you've learned."

Rose finds Lissa in the entryway talking to Aaron about a scandal--Abby and Xander Badica's guardian wants to resign and marry another guardian--something that almost never happens. 

Dhampirs are created when Moroi and humans have babies. Dhampirs mixing with other Dhampirs or humans however can't have children--something about genetics. Moroi and Dhampirs mingling however creates more Dhampirs and because the Strigoi likes too feed off of the Moroi, Dhampirs and Moroi have to stick together. Thus, creating the guardian system. And unfortunately because Moroi like to have and raise Moroi children, the relationships between Moroi and Dhampirs are short-lived, often-times Moroi men fooling around with dhampir women leave a lot of single dhampir mothers. While a lot of dhampir mothers quit their guardian jobs to raise their children, they tend to live together in communities that earn a bad reputation. It's said that Moroi men visit them for sex and that some women actually let them drink blood while their doing it, earning the name "blood whore". 

Rose's mother however kept to her duties as a guardian, leaving Rose to be taken care of by the Academy at the age of four. All of this contributed to Rose's outlook on a Dhampirs job being to protect Moroi. The guardians who were running off to marry were abandoning their Moroi and it was a disgrace among the guardians.

After they finish their conversation with Aaron, they walk outside just in time for slush to slide off the chapel roof, right on top of them. Rose gives Lissa her jacket since Lissa's the one who took most of it, earning Rose a comment about how her shirt would have looked good wet.

"That shirt's so ugly it should be burned. Did you get that from a homeless person?" Of course, Mia was there, looping her arm through Aaron's. Rose retaliates by saying "I suppose you want to offer to burn it, huh? Oh, wait--fire isn't your element, is it? You work with water. What a coincidence that a bunch just fell on us." Mia denies the whole thing, making Rose imagine punching her in the face. Instead, Lissa pulls her away. Rose tries to think of ways to stop Mia's bullying and suggests that Lissa steal Aaron back to teach her a lesson. Lissa refuses. Rose however continues to think of a way to get revenge when the two girls go their separate ways.

"So when's the big catfight going to happen?"

Mason knows her too well. He tells her he misses hanging out with her and they sit in the common area of the dorm to chat about how she's going to get revenge on Mia without getting in trouble for it. Mason offers some bate and Rose takes the bite--he gives her information on Mia: she isn't royal and her parents are practically servants, working for a Drozdov lord. At this point, one of the dorm matrons scolds Rose for not being in her room. Mason promptly comes up with the excuse that they were working on a group project and she gives them one hour of study time. Rose pulls out the book the priest gave her and they begin looking for "shadow-kissed" Anna. When they find it, the author had only this to say about her: Vladimir and Anna were like brother and sister, she defended him against Strigoi, and comforted him when spirit was too much to bear. The bond began when he saved her life and she always knew what was in his heart and in his mind.

Rose reads it again trying to figure out what"shadow-kissed" means. She discusses it with Mason for a minute and then it hits her: Bound together and always knows what is in his heart and mind.

Mason notices the change in her and asks if she's okay.

"Yeah. Fine."

Oooohhh! Huge revelation going on! Rose now has an idea what it means to be "shadow-kissed" but she doesn't know the true definition. She has figured out that she and Lissa share something in common with St. Vladimir and Anna, which is kind of cool. And of course Mia is continuing to be a real B-word. Ugh. At least Rose has some ammunition for retaliation now! Let's see if she uses it ;)

What do you think of chapter 6? Rose and Lissa's bond? What do you think's going to happen if Rose unleashes the knowledge she now possesses about Mia? I think it's going to get real ugly haha


  1. Well, it's obvious that Rose is 'shadow-kissed' also, but since it was thought that people of her calibre were no longer in existence, she'll probably be facing some trouble for it. That actually may be why she and Lissa had psi(?)-hounds after them....

    It also sucks that the worldview seems to be that dhampirs shouldn't be together because they can't procreate. Are times that desperate for the Moroi that they don't believe people should be together for love? It's as though they were still in the middle ages...

    And as for Mia, Rose should really just ignore her - she's probably not worth the trouble. I'd say she should keep an eye on her, because people like Mia can create bigger trouble later on, but for now she's just being a B****, and won't get as much attention as she's craving if Rose just shrugs off everything that she does.

    1. Oh yeah. They've got some messed up politics going on. It's even worse than this first book shows actually. And I agree, she should just ignore Mia but it's a lot harder to ignore people like that when it's you or your friend that they're bullying.


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