Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A couple of weeks have now passed and Rose has forgotten the "Anna thing". Life has fallen into a comfortable routine, revolving around church, Lissa and a minuscule social life. Lissa going incognito is attracting attention anyways because it's so different from what they had left off as. They stick with Natalie even though she's really annoying--but at least she's nice.

Rose is working out and training more than anything and her body is finally getting used to it. Dimitri keeps to himself most of the time, though everyone including Rose respects him. He's had her running outside as of late. She walks into the gym for her training and finds him lying on a mat reading a book and listening to a Prince song. She makes a snide remark about it and he tells her she'll be running again which prompts her to ask him why she's been running so much lately. "I mean, I realize the importance of stamina and all that, but shouldn't I be moving on to something with a little hitting? They're still killing me in group practice."

"Maybe you should hit harder." 

He then asks her what she'll do if they manage to run away again and run into a Strigoi. "I'll stab him with a silver stake." He asks if she has one and if she even knows how to use it. She doesn't. She then suggests cutting off his head, but he shoots that idea down as well and she retorts that she'll set him on fire. He also shows her that that won't work. "All right, I give up . . . What do I do?"

"You run."

This time he runs with her, making her keep up pace. He compliments her, which is surprising. The feeling doesn't last however because she suddenly feels like she had been shot. Her vision becomes blurry and she isn't standing there anymore: she's running down stairs, trying to find... herself.

She comes out of Lissa's head and takes off running, with Dimitri following her. When they find Lissa, her face is covered in tears and she throws her arms around Rose sobbing. After she calms down they find themselves inside her dorm room with three more guardians and Headmistress Kirova, as well as the dorm matron. They're all crowded around Lissa's bed, which has a fox lying it. Dead. With a slit throat. Blood had run out of it and onto her bed. Lissa is still pale and visibly shaken and recalls what happened two years ago--there was a dead raven. Rose said not to touch it, but she did.

Lissa explains that the fox was still alive when she got back. Rose asks if she touched it and Lissa tells her that she wanted to but didn't. Rose says it isn't the same thing and that no one knows what happened back then. Everything will be okay.

Kirova demands the dorm matron clean up the mess and someone orders Dimitri to take Rose out of the room. He doesn't say anything for a while, but then he says, "You know something. Something about what happened. Is this what you meant when you told Headmistress Kirova that Lissa was in danger?" She tells him it was just someones sick joke and he asks her if she new who would do it or why. But she doesn't. He tells her that if she knows something, she needed to tell him. Rose explodes at this and tells him that he needs to be teaching her how to fight, not to run away. She already know how to do that.

All he says is "Come on. You're late for practice."

I feel really bad for Lissa. I can't imagine what it would be like to find an almost dead animal bleeding to death on my bed. I would probably be sick and have to buy a whole new bed before I could sleep again. If that's what was happening before they left, I can understand why they ran away.

What are your thoughts on chapter 7?? Pretty crazy, right?