Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapters 14 , 15 & 16

Chapter 14

Rose continues going inside Lissa's head, feeling a bit guilty because she's doing it on purpose now even though Lissa hates it. She watches as she makes friends with the royals again. 

While being inside her head one morning, Natalie asks if she wants to hang out but Lissa declines because she's helping Camille bleach Carly's hair. Natalie asks why she's hanging out with them so much now and ranted about how she never thought it was possible that all the royals could suddenly just start defending Rose now. Rose and Lissa both catch Natalie's suspicion. Lissa stops her train of thought by agreeing to hang out with her and Erin.

Rose continues watching Lissa with worry and decides to mention it to her. Lissa pretty much fends her off with the wave of her hand. Suddenly two boys a few rows down starts laughing and looking at Rose making Lissa demand they apologize. They did. Once she calms Lissa down and the service began she people watches like she normally does during that time. Christian's watching Lissa as usual. Dimitri's sitting in his normal row in the back. The priest is once again talking about St. Vladimir. It reminds Rose of Lissa and her abilities. 

At the end of the service Rose tries to talk to Lissa about it, but she's taken right back to her dorm before she gets the chance. In her room she decides to research St. Vladimir but comes up with nothing. Then she remembers something Christian had said to Lissa why she was in her head.

Over there, we have an old box full of the writings of the blessed and crazy St. Vladimir.

She realizes she needs to get those books, but the only way she would get them is if she made up with Christian.

On her way to practice she runs into Miles and Anthony who hit on her in a completely inappropriate way, making Rose threaten them. Then didn't let up. Then Mason shows up and tells them to take their hands off of her. Miles turns on Mason asking if he's "doing her too". He starts to call her a cheap blood whore and Mason punches him in the face. Someone hears the commotion and heads their way. 

"Probably some guardians coming. You want them to know you were beating up on a girl?"

Miles and Anthony quickly retreat. Rose doesn't thank Mason, but instead says she could've handled it herself. When she realizes what she's doing she apologizes and thanks him. They talk about school gossip and Lissa's rise to fame as Rose watches the adoration for her light up Mason's face. She feels guilty for not feeling the same way and then questions why it would be so difficult to go out with him. The answer to that question came with a Russian accent.

She then switches to her flirty self in order to take advantage of Mason's feelings for another purpose. Mason thinks she likes being saved but is too afraid to admit it to herself. She asks Mason if he could get a message to Christian Ozera for her. Tell him she needs St. Vladimir's books, the ones in storage and that she needs them soon because it's for Lissa. And that she lied that night of the reception and she's sorry.

Mason doesn't understand it, but he agrees to it anyway.

Chapter 15

Mason has the books for her the next day and she takes them up to her room. She quickly realizes that not all the books were written by him, but there was a diary of sorts from St. Vladimir himself. She reads more about how he could not endure his healings of other people without "shadow-kissed" Anna. Using his magic didn't come without a price, and he had even tried to kill himself once, but Anna stopped him. Rose believes that the adoration for St. Vladimir from his followers came from him using compulsion instead of his "winning personality". 

Rose recalls Ms. Karp screaming the words "You're shadow-kissed!" at her one day. It was Ms. Karp who came up with the idea to get Lissa out of the Academy. "They" were coming for her and they would come for Lissa too. Rose chalked it all up to her being crazy at the time, but then she used compulsion on her, planting the idea in her head, just before guardians came and took her away while she screamed at Rose for her to save Lissa from herself. The guardians told Rose that Ms. Karp was sick and needed to be cared for and she would recover. But she hadn't.

While Rose is still trying to put the pieces together Mason comes by explaining that it's a shame someone put a lit match in one of the garbage cans downstairs. He demands she come with him under Lissa's orders. She follows him out, somehow getting to Lissa's dorm undetected. There was a party going on inside the room. Rose can tell Lissa's a little drunk. Xander Badica hands Rose a cup and she begins feeling uneasy about the situation. When asked why she wasn't drinking Rose says she doesn't feel like a guardian should drink while with their charges and Mason tells her to loosen up. She's not a guardian yet. She still feels wrong about it and decides to sit by Natalie instead. Then Xander asks Rose what it was like having someone feed off her. Lissa is instantly there trying to do damage control with compulsion but fails. Xander continues on saying that he knows she didn't do with with Jesse and Ralf, and that it was completely cool she let Lissa feed off her while they were gone. And that Danielle Szelsky let him bite her once. He says it was just a small bite and nothing like what the feeders get. He wants to know how Rose felt why being bitten. She could feel Lissa's thoughts growing dangerously dark, just like they did during a party a few weeks after Ms. Karp had been taken away. 

Someone had brought a feeder and it was clear to Rose that she had fed too much that day and she said so. But she still continued kissing Greg until Lissa showed her what was going on: they were doing a group feeding on the woman. Rose said that no one was going to stop them and Lissa asked if she would. Rose complies by making everyone think it's gross that they were using a feeder at a party and making suggestive remarks to her while she was dazed. He takes the feeder away and Lissa's still upset. A while later Rose realized Lissa was missing and found her in Wade's room using compulsion on him to make him ruin his own dorm with a baseball bad. Rose tried to make her stop but she only continued, anger seeping out through the bond. Rose was afraid of Lissa. She was on the verge of making him bash his own skull, but after some coaxing from Rose Lissa finally stops when she seen she was scaring the feeder. Wade wakes up confused just as the dorm staff walk in and see the mess. Wade accuses Lissa, but Rose takes the blame by saying that if he had just let the feeder go she wouldn't have had to do it. It was after that happened that they had left the Academy.

Xander is asking her if he could feed off her, just to get a taste. Rose could still feel Lissa's anger through the bond so she says "Come on. I had to hit the last guy who asked me that, and you're a hell of a lot prettier than Jesse. It'd be a waste." Xander says he's sexy, not pretty, and drops the offer. Lissa's relief comes through the bond and she nods in thanks, continuing on with her attention toward Aaron.

Chapter 16

The next day all eyes are on Lissa and Aaron. Mia had apparently found out about the party and told him that if he wanted to be with her, he couldn't hang out with Lissa. And he dumped her. He and Lissa are an item now even though Lissa is only mildly interested. Rose feels ill about it all. Mia however looks worse for the wear. She sits with her friends, quietly with no remarks to Rose or Lissa. Lissa had destroyed her.

Christian is more miserable than Mia, but no one notices except for Rose. She can't take anymore PDA from them and instead goes to see Ms. Carmack the teacher of elemental magic. She asks her about St. Vladimir and which element he specialized in. Ms. Carmack doesn't believe he specialized in any of them and if he had it was never recorded. Rose asks if any element would have allowed him to heal people but Ms. Carmack doesn't know of any. Rose thinks it's possible that he didn't specialize in any and Ms. Carmack realizes she's talking about Lissa. She tells Rose not to worry because everyone specializes, but Rose reminds her that not everyone does, even if it's rare. At this point, Rose asks about Ms. Karp and what she had specialized in. Ms. Carmack is suddenly uncomfortable and explains that she had forgotten Ms. Karp never specialized and had always kept a low control over the four elements.

Rose tells Lissa she can stop using compulsion on people now because she's accomplished everything she wanted and she knows she'll be happier if she stops hanging out with them all. But Lissa knows that if she stops, then everything will go back to the way it was before with Mia and she won't allow that. They argue about Lissa using compulsion all the time and how she's just like Ms. Karp, which makes Lissa mad. Rose tells her about Ms. Karp trying to use compulsion on her before the guardians took her away. She then tells her about St. Vladimir and how he tried to kill himself when it all became to much. Lissa tells her it's all a coincidence, even though Rose could feel her doubt coming from the bond. Rose tries to get her to coast through the middle again, but Lissa insists she can't do it yet. Rose realizes then that Lissa is doing it all because she feels like she has to, not because of Mia. Lissa tells Rose that she'll just stop using her powers if Ms. Karp said that's what makes her crazy and if it will make Rose feel better.

Rose tells Lissa to stop leading Aaron on and then let's it slip that Christian is the one she should be going after. When she leaves Lissa, she runs into Christian and thanks him for the books. He asks what she wants and she tells him to hang out with Lissa again. He tells her that he wants to hear the apology from her and not Mason so Rose apologizes and tells him that she thinks he might be good for her. He says he can't hang out with her anymore, not while she's with the royals. Rose reminds him that he's royal to but he thinks it doesn't matter much with his family turning into Strigoi. They talk about what happened when the guardians came for his parents and how he didn't realize anything was wrong with them, but his aunt did. She apologizes again for getting between him and Lissa. He still refuses and Rose admits she's worried about her. He says if he catches her alone he'll talk to her but he thinks Rose should get other help, like Kirova or "her guardian guy". She says neither she nor Lissa would like that and he tells her that's life. You have to do things you don't like.

"What are you, an after school special?"
"If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around."
"Funny, I feel that way about you too."

He smiles at her and walks away.

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