Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapters 19 & 20

Sorry for not posting yesterday! My oldest was home for a snow day and then he ended up sick so I had to take care of him. But he's feeling better today!!

Chapter 19

Rose tells Dimitri what's going on and he goes straight to Alberta while Rose waits in the clinic. He returns with Lissa who is unconscious. When they finally get her stable enough for Rose to visit, Lissa asks her if it's true and if she told about the "other stuff". She says she hasn't yet. Rose tells her that healing her isn't worth what it does to her and about everything she knows about Lissa's powers, depression and their bond. Rose wants to tell someone about what's going on, but Lissa is scared and tells her to get out.

The next day Lissa is released but she has to visit the clinic daily to see a counselor and is to take medication for her depression. And word about the incident and Lissa not speaking to Rose has already spread across campus. She runs into Natalie who tells her she heard that Lissa had tried to run away again and Rose stopped her. Other rumors swarmed around the students as well but none were the truth.

After class, Mia walks up to Rose. Rose knew she was there to gloat about Lissa having dropped her and her being to proud to admit it. Mia continues asking Rose about what happened at the clinic trying to get some dirt on her for revenge. Rose threatens her and Mia tells her she's crazy and that she doesn't need her to find out what happened.

By the time the dance rolls around Rose no longer feels like going. She takes a shower and afterwards finds Mason standing outside her door. He tells her to get ready, convincing her to go by mention a party happening later in Eddie's room, novices only. On their way to the commons, they run into Dimitri and Alberta. Rose can't take her eyes off of Dimitri, and more importantly, he can't seem to take his eyes off of her either. She's wearing the black dress and rose necklace from the trip to the mall.

They reach the commons and Mason says it's time for her surprise. He walks a reluctant Rose over to Jesse and Ralf. Mason demands Jesse tell her something.

"Rose, we know none of that stuff happened."
"Do you? Wow. I'm really glad to hear that. Because you see, until you said that, I'd been thinking it had happened. Thank God you guys are here to set me straight and tell me what the hell I have or haven't done!"

Mason demands they tell her the rest. They did it because Mia told them to and because Mia slept with both of them.

Chapter 20

Rose's mouth drops open. She can't believe that Mia hates them enough to sleep with two guys just to get them to lie for her. And it happened while she was still dating Aaron. Mason says they promised to start telling people on Monday. Rose thinks about making a banner and telling people now, but she spots Lissa with Aaron's arm around her. Christian's watching her too. Mason tells her not to worry about Lissa tonight and drags her away. She tells a few novices about what Mia had done and it feels good to have her name cleared and get revenge. She can see it spreading throughout the students.

As the time of Eddie's party nears, she feels Lissa's anxiety spike and searches for her in the room. She sees Aaron leaning close to her and Mia walking up to them. Rose immediately walks toward them. Mia is pissed and yelling at Lissa all about her visit to the clinic and why she was really there. Rose intervenes by saying "Remember what I said about standing too close to her?"

Rose and Lissa realize at the same time that Mia had somehow gotten ahold of Lissa's record. Rose punches Mia in the face, not caring about the damage it would do. Someone pulls her off of Mia and drags her away. She doesn't resist. She sees Lissa run out and feels everything she's feeling. Frantically she searches for someone who could help her and finds Christian. She yells at him to go after her. The guardians take Rose to her room where she snaps into Lissa's mind just as she realizes Christian is knocked out and Lissa is surrounded by guardians telling her not to worry and that they were guardians. But they didn't look like anyone she or Lissa knew. They bound and gagged her and somehow Rose escapes Lissa's mind and finds a way to escape her room to find Dimitri.

Something was pulling her toward him in that moment. She tells him somethings wrong with Lissa and he lets her in. Suddenly she's no longer worrying about Lissa. Instead, she's needing to touch him desperately. She knows that something ss wrong but at this time it doesn't seem important. She doesn't try to kiss his lips, she goes for his chest. He asks what she's doing and if she's drunk. But she isn't. "Don't you think I'm pretty?" He tells her she needs to go back to her room. She reaches for him again, but he stops her and then moves his hands along her skin. He kisses her and she asks him again if he thinks she's pretty. He thinks she's beautiful. They kiss hungrily and he removes her dress, taking her to the bed.

Well that all escalated quickly! Everything with Mia and then Dimitri and poor Lissa and Christian!! Things are really heating up now!

What did you think about chapters 19 and 20?? Any ideas about what's about to happen??