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Honestly my list really isn't that large. Sure it would be nice to live somewhere tropical, or in a romantic city like Rome or Paris, but to actually live there, I just can't see myself in those places. The only places I have consistently talked about or saw myself in aren't really fantasies. They're more like life goals.

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There are two main reasons for my fascination with Canada (and none have to do with the cold.. I think that's one of the biggest drawbacks for me about it) are that
  • Canada is widely known for being a peaceful country with kind people
  • I know someone who lives there who used to live in my little hometown in Tennessee but has moved back so it's not like I'll be completely alone if I moved there. At least I know someone.
  • Plus, it's just a beautiful country. Even if it is really cold

I've always been incredibly fascinated with the UK in general but I've always pictured myself in London. There is so much history there and walking around I think I would have this sense of being back in time. Not to mention it's just such a beautiful city and I would LOVE listening to people talk. LOVE IT.

If we're talking inside the US, I have a few places that I believe I could enjoy living, at least for a little while and those include New York City, the Buffalo area of NY, a quiet coastal town in California or along the west coast, and the town that Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls is based off of: Washington Depot, CT.

Not a terribly long list. My list of places I would like to travel to is a lot longer than this. haha

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?


  1. Canada is a great place to live :-) I'm Canadian and proud to be!. Contrary to what people think its not always freezing in Canada. Just the other day it was warmer here in Nova Scotia then it was in Florida.
    I would love to live in London.

    1. It was probably warmer in Canada than here in Tennessee as well then! We've had an incredibly cold winter this year!! I HATE the cold, so I'm not sure why Canada appeals to me so much because I know the winters would be SO MUCH worse there than here lol. It's just always seemed like this wonderful, magical land to the north haha

  2. As a Landaner (or well, I'm just outside of London), I always find it funny when people say they want to live there. Mainly because I'm not a huge London fan (some parts I love, some parts I loathe).

    I think I'd definitely pick New York. I spent some time there a few years ago and loved it. It just always seemed limitless to me.

    1. I've never been to London or anywhere in Europe for that matter, but I've seen tons of pictures and even if I don't get the chance to live there I'd really love to at least visit it at some point. I went to NYC my senior year of high school and fell in love with it!! I loved the city, even though I'm not sure how I would fare there alone. I'm certain I would need someone else there with me lol

  3. I love the Canadian accent, I can't help but smile when I hear Canadians talk.

    I've been to London many of times (I live about 300miles away in Birmingham/Leicester) and it is a lovely place but because i'm from the UK I cannot understand the hype and I suppose that's the same for everyone else and there own countries/states, I agree with Allie there are some parts where you can find a beautiful jewel (usually a coffee shop for me) and some part you'd dislike.

    I'd love to visit New York there is such a freedom feel to it :). Oh, and yay for Washington Depot!!

  4. Canada can be cold, but I guess that's relative. We're pretty spoiled here on the East Coast, compared to some people further West, who are pretty spoiled compared to some people up North! So I guess it'll all depend on which province you find yourself!

  5. I've never thought about living in Canada but would love to go to London :)

  6. Stars Hollow! Or, I guess I should say: Washington Depot, CT! I don't know if I'd live there forever, but I totally wouldn't mind living in a town like that for a while :D
    I don't think I'll ever live in Canada, or London. But I could totally see myself in a coastal town. I'm from Southern California, myself. And there are some pretty cool cities all along the west coast. Whether it be Cali, Oregon, or Washington.

  7. Yay for Canada! Our weather sucks in the winter, but it's not so cold in cities like Vancouver (if you don't mind rain). But I sure love Canada's reputation as a polite, peace-loving country.

    I loved London! It's a bit too big for me to want to live there, but it was amazing to visit.

  8. Sadly, I've never been to Canada or London. I really want to someday, though!


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