Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Will Make You Cry

I'm not going to go into details on these because well.. spoilers, but just know that they're full of feels. And yes. You WILL feel them.

With the Harry Potter books, I didn't exactly mean Deathly Hallows specifically, although it WILL make you cry as well, but the whole series in general will make you cry.

So which books made your top ten??


  1. If there is a list TFiOS is not on, then it is not a true list :P

  2. I can't wait to finish the Chemical Garden series! I'm sure I'll cry too (: I loved HP, which is on my list too! I didn't cry during Allegiant or Mockingjay, but I can definitely see how some people would!

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort
    My Top Ten

  3. I cried so hard during Allegiant and The Fault in Our Stars! Both of those ripped my heart to pieces. Great list :)

  4. Hallowed made my list two. I still get sad when I think about it, and I read it almost two years a go! Haha


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