Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapters 21 & 22

Chapter 21

Rose and Dimitri continue on the bed, kissing and kissing while he calls her Roza. She knows that there's a reason she came to see him but something keeps telling her to forget everything else and stay with Dimitri. She asks him if he really killed six Strigoi--he did. She guesses that he feels guilty about it and it's why he goes to church. He's surprised she knows his secret. 

They begin kissing again, more passionately this time. Dimitri removes the necklace and Rose suddenly snaps awake. Dimitri feels the same. She suddenly remembers why she's there: Lissa.

Dimitri thinks for a moment and puts the necklace in his hands, desire immediately sweeping over him again. He touches her and she's wanting him again but forces herself to remember Lissa.

He asks about the necklace and she says it's the one Viktor gave her. He gets up and throws the necklace out the window. All the desire Rose is feeling leaves her and she remembers why she's there. And feels everything Lissa is feeling--mainly terror. She rushes to tell Dimitri what happened and before she can finish he's throwing his clothes on. 

By the time they make it to Kirova's office, she's yelling at them to hurry up and do something. No one believes her until Christian shows up. They ask how many Strigoi there were and she replies that they weren't Strigoi. Once again no one believes her. Christian speaks up in her defense, but they are still doubtful that guardians would come in and kidnap her. Rose slips back into Lissa mind and sees she's in an expensive car. And she sees Spiridon with her and slams back into her own mind telling them that she's with Victor Dashkov's guardians and that they're already so far away. They ask why she didn't come sooner and Dimitri explained that it was a compulsion spell, and lies about it making Rose attack him. No one questions him.

He insists that they bring Rose with them. She rides with Dimitri and speaks only when updating them on where Lissa is. They keep getting farther and farther away from the main road and Rose finally feels Victor's car stop at a cabin. Lissa asks why they're doing this to her and if Christian is dead. Victor replies with:

"The Ozera boy? I didn't mean for that to happen. We didn't expect him to there. We'd hoped to catch you alone, to convince others you'd run away again. We'd made sure rumors already circulated about that."

Rose thinks of the stories going around the school that Natalie started. Victor admits that they put plans in place to dispose of Rose but when those failed he changed them to keeping Rose occupied for the whole night.

She asks him again why he's doing it.

"I'm surprised you even have to ask, my dear. I need you. I need you to heal me."

Chapter 22

Lissa refuses to admit that she has any powers at all to heal him. Victor says he's been watching her for years to make sure. He know s that she brought Rose back to life after the car accident and that she healed the raven--Natalie saw her do it--and Rose's ankle. 

Lissa finally realizes that the animals in her room were because of Victor. He admits Natalie's help in the matter and that he had to do it to be sure before he took her away. She says she would have healed him if he had just asked. He didn't have to take her away. But he did have to, because it's not just once that she has to heal him. It's a continuous thing. He mentions her wielding spirit, her specialization and Lissa calls him crazy--she hasn't specialized in anything. He explains that it's so rare people have forgotten about it. Lissa finally realizes he's telling the truth. Vladimir and Ms. Karp are the same as her. Victor explains what spirit is and what it allows the user to do. Lissa still doesn't understand why he had to take her away and he says it's because no one would have let her do it: the school, the council. They would say it isn't fair to pick and choose who gets healed. He tells her that healing him will take a toll on her both physically and mentally but it must be done. He doesn't have a choice.

"Yes. You don't have a choice, because this is me we're talking about."

He explains that it's better for her this way. The more she uses spirit the more dangerous it becomes. It takes part of her essence when she heals. She says that while she loves him, it's ultimately her decision. He's wanting her to give up her life for his and it isn't fair to her. Victor explains what is happening with the Moroi and how they used to train and fight alongside the guardians. Not hide while the guardians do everything. They need someone to make changes, and that person is him. If he is cured, he can take his rightful place as heir to the throne.

Lissa suddenly thinks about the Moroi and their dwindling numbers and what Christian told her, but it isn't enough to make her do what he's asking and she refuses.

He would rather it be on her terms and not theirs, but they will make her do it by force if necessary. When she refuses again, she feels pain coursing through her body and screams, making Rose also scream.

Dimitri swerves like he's going to pull over and Rose demands he keep going. They're torturing her with air. Lissa finally gives in to Victor's demands. Rose has never been in Lissa's head while she heals someone but in this moment she is and she feels Lissa grow weaker and weaker as she heals Victor. Rose can see the physical changes in Victors body as he grows stronger. When he's finally healed, Lissa passes out. 

When Rose and the guardians almost reach the cabin, they pull over. Dimitri stops Rose from getting out of the car and tells her to stay there. He explains that she's done her job and he and Lissa both need her to be safe. She stays in the car and goes back into Lissa's head. She's lying on a couch drained of energy, but looks at the guardian standing watch over her and smiles, using compulsion to tell him that no matter what she does he'll stay quiet and alert no one when she leaves. He nods in agreement. She moves toward the window, realizing how weak she is. Rose wishes she could tell her to stay put because there are guardians coming to rescue her. Rose swears and a voice asks what's going on. Christian. She tells him about Lissa trying to escape and climbs out of the vehicle to go after her. She smiles at Christian saying "And yeah, I know. You're going with me."

 I so just realized that I've been spelling Victor Dashkov's name entirely wrong this whole time. FAIL. hahaha Sorry guys! But anyways, how about those chapters?? What a steamy scene between Rose and Dimitri huh?? Well, until the compulsion spell wore off and then everything cooled off pretty quickly. AND Victor's the one who was putting those dead animals in her room with the help of Natalie (WHAT?!) and TORTURED HER UNTIL SHE AGREED TO HEAL HIM. Excuse my language, but what an ass!! I'm so glad Rose and Lissa have that bond, otherwise Lissa would be in serious trouble. I'm also really glad that even though Christian's head is seriously injured, he still stowed away in the car so he could help her. Now that's a sign of a good man right there!

And I also just realized I somehow miscounted the chapters. Not really sure how I did that but there are only TWO left! And then the movie comes out THIS WEEKEND! OMG So excited!!

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