I am a BeautiControl Independent Consultant!

Hello lovelies! This is sort of an update post on myself and what's going on in my life right now. I have joined some amazing girls in becoming a Spa Girl as a Beauticontrol Independent Consultant and I am SUPER excited about this opportunity! Our products are amazing and I can't wait to share them with YOU.

What is Beauticontrol?

BeautiControl is a company that specializes in quality cosmetics and skin care products to bring you healthier skin and a relaxed Spa experience right to your home. BeautiControl provides services to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and gives women the opportunity of a lifetime to make their dreams come true! Beauticontrol is a Tupperware Brand and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why did I choose to become a Consultant?

Two girls who I grew up with and are friends of mine started their own business with Beauticontrol when they tried the Skinlogics Clear Line. Both struggled all through their adolescent years and even after that with acne and scarring. After using the acne line, their faces became clearer and the scarring became less noticeable. It was disappearing before their eyes (and mine), giving their face a healthy beautiful glow. You could see their new-found confidence radiating through, and the love they had for their skin and this product made them want to share it with everyone they knew. Including myself. Now a Consultant, one of those friends allowed me to try the Instant Manicure and Extreme Repair Hand Creme for my hands. With my job, I handle cardboard ALL DAY LONG and my hands become so dried out and cracked. It's often painful. After one use, my hands automatically felt better. More than better. AMAZING. I couldn't believe how soft my hands felt. Not oily or greasy. But SOFT. I just knew I had to become a Consultant, get a fabulous lifetime discount on all the products and share my love for Beauticontrol with the world.

Dandelion Dreams & Dare to Dream BeautiSpas = Books & Beauti

With the start of my Beauti business, I decided to incorporate that into my blogging world to make Books & Beauti where I share my love of reading and Beauticontrol with all of you. I don't want you as my readers to think I'm shoving my business down your throats. That isn't my intention. Every now and then I will review one of our products and give you my HONEST opinion. If it wasn't for me, then I'll tell you. If I think you might like it, I'll tell you. If I loved it and think you must ABSOLUTELY try it, I'll tell you. Simple as that.

I'm from another country. Can I buy your products?

As of right now, the only countries we sell to are the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you live in these countries, then absolutely yes! Feel free to visit my BeautiPage and try out these amazing products!

Can I become part of your team, and how?

YES! Absolutely. All you have to do is go to my BeautiPage, click on Opportunity, and fill out the agreement! PLEASE NOTE: There is an initial start up fee. We have a few different cases to choose from, and sometimes we have a special start up case for really cheap. Once we had one for just $5! Amazing right??

Our Starter Cases are $99 and you get your choice between the Skin Care Case, which focuses more on caring for your skin, and the Color Case, which comes with our makeup products.

Is this legit? Can I really make money from this?

Definitely! This is a legitimate business. You CAN make money selling BeautiControl products, and LOTS OF IT. A friend of mine made $850 during ONE SPA. That's not from the product prices, but her actual profit. Can you imagine earning that much money in an hour??? Plus, we have 35 years
under our belt as a business ;)

Do I have to keep an inventory or make a monthly quota?

The answer is NO. Absolutely not. With Beauticontrol you have so many options and such flexibility to earn as much (or as little) as you want. Any size order every 4 months keeps your member discount active. 

Types of Consultants

Beauticontrol is unique in that it lets you choose what kind of consultant you want to be: a Beauti Insider, a Social Seller, or an Entrepreneur.

"Being a Beauti Insider has its privileges. Get up-to-the-minute cosmetic and skincare tips, trends and techniques and save money on the products you love. Expect to receive the highest level of service and support, unique educational experiences and the most comprehensive selection of skincare, body care, fragrance and color cosmetic products available. Your Beauti Insider membership offers you a world of member-exclusive benefits: » Complimentary online access to manage your account preferences, obtain advanced product information, view online videos, training modules and much more » Interactive face-to-face training » A personal website » Discounted shopping » The support of a Director and other Beauti Insiders who share your interests in products."

"As a Social Seller, you can enjoy product discounts and exclusive offers as well as the opportunity to get your products for free or earn additional money each month simply by sharing the products you love with your family and friends. You could earn $500 or more each week — that’s $20,000 a year — plus gain glamourous rewards. » Receive full training and set your own schedule » Hold 2 Spas a week at your own leisure » Share your Beauticontrol website and collect online orders 24/7 » Order products online that will be delivered right to your door » Receive support from your team and the Beauticontrol home office team."

"Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of an entrepreneur when you become a Beauticontrol Director. Start your dream career and earn upwards of $1,000 a week — that’s $50,000 a year — and have the opportunity of earning a luxury car without the pricey payments! » Hold 2 to 3 Spas per week at your own leisure » Share your Beauticontrol website and collect online orders 24/7 » Learn how to be a leader, build a team and inspire them to do the same » Take the wheel in your new luxury car or receive cash for your car » Earn an annual five-star international trip for you and your partner » Receive take-your-breath-away rewards and recognition » Receive support from your team and the Beauticontrol home office team."

If you are interested in joining me in my journey with Beauticontrol, please feel free to follow the link below by clicking on the photo. It will tak you to my BeautiPage where you can learn more about our company, purchase products or join my team of spa girls.