Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday post in AGES! I can't believe it's been so long since I've joined in but I can't tell you how delighted I am that I decided to write a list this week because I'm loving this topic!

Top Ten Bookworm Delights

1. The smell of book, old and new

Seriously. I could smell them all day. Nothing calms me faster than walking into a bookstore or library and smelling all the new/old books. Well, except for maybe freshly mowed grass. Combine the two and you've got heaven for me.

2. The book you've been dying to read finally being released

OMG THIS. I hate starting a new book series and then realizing that it isn't finished yet and then having to wait months or even years for the next in the series. (I'm not a very patient person if you couldn't guess).

3. When you meet someone who loves the same books/authors as you, or just loves to read in general

It's very rare that I come across someone in my daily life that enjoys reading. I'm always ecstatic to meet fellow book lovers, especially those who share a love of the same books and authors as me and we can fangirl together.

4. When you find your new favorite book and you just have to tell everyone you know about it

When I first started reading again after a pretty long hiatus, it was because I had been seeing posts all over tumblr about The Hunger Games. So of course it made me curious. After I read the entire series I realized there was no way I couldn't share it with everyone I knew so that's exactly what I did. I called up my best friends and posted about it everywhere that I could because it was amazing. And I haven't stopped sharing my love for it (and other books) since.

5. Randomly picking out a book and absolutely loving it

The last book I remember picking up at random and reading was With Violets by Elizabeth Robards which seems like forever ago. But I completely fell in love with it

6. Searching through a used book store and finding hidden gems

Walking through the aisles of a used book store, searching for new books or just different copies of books you already own at a great discount price and in great condition is the best

7. Making new bookish friends online

The online bookish community is simply one of the best out there. I can't imagine not being a part of this world and having no one to fangirl about my favorite books to! I love how enthusiastic we all are.

8. Letting someone borrow one of your favorite books and then watching them slowly fall in love with it too

Yes!! This is one of my favorite feelings in the whole world! I love introducing books to people and getting random text messages or phone calls as they read the book and lent them and seeing their reations.

9. Your favorite authors tweeting you back

It's so incredibly awesome when you tweet one of your favorite authors about their books and they respond *fans self*

10. Sitting down to read and not being disturbed for hours

Having a family, this isn't something that happens to me often anymore but when it does, I cherish it. 

So now that I've told you my favorite bookish delights, tell me some of yours!

XO, Kelly


  1. #4 is a good one! I probably annoy my sisters every time I read a great book. I can't stop talking about it for weeks! :) Great Top Ten!
    My TTT.

  2. Great list, I love all of these! The Hunger Games is also one of the books that (re)started my love for reading and my need to share it with everyone :)

  3. Great list!
    My TTT:


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