REVIEW: Diamonds Are A Teen's Best Friend by Allison Rushby


Diamonds are a Teen's Best Friend

by Allison Rusby
Nessa Joanne Mulholland, aka Marilyn Monroe's No. 1 teenage fan, is used to moving house. This time, however, she's relocating in movie-star style—crossing the Atlantic on board the Majestic, headed for Paris from New York City. And it really would be in movie-star style if it wasn't for the fact that she's bringing her cringe-fest professor dad along for the ride (Dad's specialization: human mating rituals—need Nessa say more?). Oh yeah, and sharing a cabin that's five decks below sea level and next to the engine room. Still, at least Holly Isles is on board. Yes, really, that Holly Isles—star of stage and screen. Suddenly, things are looking up. Looking a little Marilyn, in fact, because events are strangely mirroring Nessa's favorite movie of all time, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


As Holly Isles, world-famous actress, confides in Nessa over mocktails.


As Nessa coaches Holly in the amazing "Nessa's Lesson's in Love"—the ultimate man-catching rules to finding true and lasting lurv.


Nessa fall for Holly's too-cute nephew, Marc. . . and

Cover your eyes!

As it all goes terribly, horribly, embarrassingly wrong.

There's no doubting it. This is going to be one pitchy crossing.


This was such a super cute, fun read!! I read it in a matter of a few hours, give or take, since I had to stop yesterday and pick it back up today. It was a really quick read and the narration was so lovely. I adored Nessa's voice so much. It was so easy to read and I just flew through it. Allison Rushby has such a unique writing style, truly capturing the voice of a thirteen (almost-fourteen!) year old girl. Just to give you an example:
Someone whistles. And this time, I don't need to look around. This time, I know for sure it's not for me. (Laughing, sure. Whistling? I am sincerely doubting it...) And because I don't turn around, I don't move for the guy. The one who smacks into my shoulder and says, "Excuse me. I need to get to my aunt."
I follow his gaze directly up the escalator to Holly. His aunt? Holly is his aunt? Well, la de da. I go to give him my best "Get your filthy mitts off me, don't mess with the outfit and don't go anywhere near the hair, buster" look when my mouth drops even further. Hello, sailor! Cute boy ahoy! This guy is definitely related to Holly in a big way.
Nessa was an absolute riot. She lives for the movies, Marilyn Monroe's to be exact, and everything in her life is viewed through a lens, so to speak. And that movie really hits home when she boards a cruise ship and meets one of her all-time favorite actresses Holly Isles and spends pretty much all her time with her "new best friend." Holly is instantly drawn to Nessa's over-the-top movie self, her spunky attitude, and even her embarrassing, awkward, yet adorable personality that shines through in everything she does. You can't help but love her, even when things are going horribly wrong, and you'll laugh with her along the way. She makes it her mission to help Holly find her PM-Perfect Man-and ends up falling for her over-protective nephew Marc.

This book is definitely for the younger crowd, middle grade to the young young adult, but I loved it all the same, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light-hearted, laugh-inducing, fast-paced read. I can assure you, by the end you'll be wanting more of Nessa's Marilynisms.



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