Know Me Better (4)

Know Me Better is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she will post 5 questions from her author interviews and answer them herself. She invites us to share our answers as well!

Question 1: Pieces of Advice you have for aspiring writers.

Well, considering I am not a famous author or anything I feel that I can't give any proper advice, however, I will take a shot at it. Considering I am in the middle of writing my first story that I strongly desire to finish (I've never finished one before! I get writers block very easily), I guess I will have to give advice that is hard for me to take myself: Don't be afraid of criticism; it can only make you better.

Question 2: Favorite TV shows when you were younger.

Oh man, I have several. When I was a little kid, I loved Barney. Watching it now, I have NO IDEA what my little brain was thinking. Then it was on to The Brady Bunch, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold! and I can't forget Boy Meets World. As a teen I watched Smallville, Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.

Question 3: What would we find if we looked under your bed?

Shoes, boxes of books, board games and probably the random toy that got kicked underneath it.

Question 4: Book Store or Library?

This might sound a little materialistic, but I love owning the books that I read so definitely bookstore. The main reason I love owning them, aside from the gorgeous covers that usually come with them, is rereading. I love knowing I can reread them any time I want without having to wait in line for it at a library. And I think that books make great decor. I'd love to have a library in my home.

Question 5: Heads or Tails

I usually call 'heads'.

It's your turn now!
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  1. Doug, Boy Meets World and Gilmore Girls!! YES!
    I also love me some rereading!

  2. I'm not a writer either and I get writers block as well, I've been meaning to finish a book in the past 8 years. I love rereading books as well and it would be my dream to have a library in my house I could picture it, I think I'd need a very big house

  3. Just reading from your favorite shows your roughly my sister's age, I so remember having to watch Barney when she was a toddler.

    Have you listed your blog with YA Blogosphere it's a directory listing for all YA-related blogs.

    My KMB.


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