2013 Bookish Goals Progress

Hi guys! *waves* At the beginning of this year, I did a Top Ten post of my Bookish Goals for the year. Since it is now the middle of the year, I figure I should do a progress report. Not only for my followers but for myself, that way if I am behind on some of them I'll know what I need to do in order to accomplish these goals by the years end.

2013 Bookish Goals and Progress

1. Actually read ALL the books on my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list

Progress: Out of the 25 books on the list I made, I have read only two of them. I am working on the third. I definitely need to step up my game!

2. Read most if not all the books on my shelf that have been left unread for quite some time now

Progress: While I am working on reading those books, I have added SEVERAL books to that pile so I think I'm only making this goal more difficult on myself. I just can't help it! I love books!

3. Write more on my unnamed book

Progress: Eh, I could definitely write more. I haven't really written much at all on it. Once again writer's block has taken ahold of my brain.

4. Buy a bigger bookshelf.

Progress: Success!!! I did in fact buy a new bookshelf, and it's BIGGER. It has 5 shelves instead of 3 and I still have my old one so I have much more shelf space for my books. The problem?? I'm still haven't trouble finding places to put my books! But they're no longer in my floor so I would definitely consider this goal complete!

5. Get a library card and use it.

Progress: Incomplete. I haven't even been to a library at all this year.. Shame on me!

6. Write and post reviews in a timely manner and keep up with my blog.

Progress: While I took a bit of a break a few months ago, I am back!! And I've been working hard to read more, write reviews and get them up on the blog quickly, yet have them spaced out a bit so as not to spam my followers.

7. Organize!! My blog, my reviews, my other sites, my bookshelf... All of it. 

Progress: I would call this halfway finished. My blog is more organized, as are my reviews, and my bookshelf looks a heck of a lot better now that all my books are organized according to series and such. However, my other sites aren't as organized as this one, but that's probably because I'm on this one much more than them and it's just easier to keep up with this one.

8. Read all of the series books I'm waiting on this year and try not to cry when The Infernal Devices and Divergent trilogies end.

Progress: I finished The Infernal Devices and I must say I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Then ending was so perfect. I'm still in awe at how flawlessly Cassandra Clare ended a series I love. I'm still waiting on Allegiant so I have no idea how I'm going to feel about the end of it. I have been doing rather well at keeping up with the book series that I've been waiting on.

9. Buy cheaper books. Take advantage of my new Kindle app.

Progress: Major success!! I've been buying all kinds of used books AND have taken advantage of the Kindle ebooks, both on the app on my phone and on my Kindle, which my best friends bought me for my birthday. I'm loving it.

10. See the movie adaptations of Beautiful Creatures (read the book first), Catching Fire, The Great Gatsby, City of Bones, and Oz (read the book first). And any other book-movie-adaptations I come across.

Progress: Read Beautiful Creatures, haven't watched the movie. Catching Fire and City of Bones aren't out yet so I'll have to wait to watch those, and I haven't watched The Great Gatsby or Oz (or read the book for Oz). So I would say this is mostly a failure, with a little success.

So where do I need to make improvements??

1. Read books to my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge more often!!
2. Read more in general
3. Write more on my book
4. Go to library and get card
5. Watch movie adaptations

So did you set any bookish goals at the beginning of the year??
What is your progress on them? Are you where you thought you would be at this time of the year?

As always, Happy Reading!

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