Beauti Buzz: June Pamper Package

Hello there lovelies! Welcome to my first Beauti Buzz post! First I want to start of by saying that I'm super excited to incorporate my Beauti business into my book world. I am currently what they call a Beauti Insider, someone who buys Beauticontrol products and stays in the know about the latest beauti trends and premium skin care products and share them with her friends. I am looking forward to sharing this part of my life with you all and I hope you enjoy it!

First things first...

What is Beauti Buzz?

I am starting my Beauti Buzz posts so I can share my Spa business with my fabulous followers because I am so in love with these products. They've not only been an asset to myself, but they have helped my friends in so many different ways, whether it be to pay their bills, help with acne, have healthier skin that they love... Beauticontrol has been a wonderful addition to my life and theirs. And I would love to share it with you as well!

And now I want to share with you this pretty awesome thing that I'm calling the Pamper Package.

So here's the low-down... Our June Starter Case has been released early and it contains some of my absolute favorite and award-winning products.

What comes in the Pamper Package?

***Over $100 worth of products & a lifetime discount for $35***
**Skinlogics® Lip Apeel®
1.25 oz. / 35 g
**Skinlogics® Nourishing Eye Pads
46 eye pads
**Skinlogics® Green Tea Warming Masque
5.8 oz. / 165 g
**BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure
10 oz. / 285 g
**BC Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Creme
1 oz. / 28 g
**Opal Bag
9" W x 12.75" H x 3" D
**Monthly Product Brochure, Beautibook, Achiever and Welcome Pack

A Breakdown of the Products

Lip Apeel

I have dealt with some seriously dry lips for most of my life, and the only thing that has helped me comes in this starter case. It's called Lip Apeel. It has an exfoliater to remove dry skin, and a balm to sooth and moisturize and it is the only thing that has ever helped me actually heal my lips. It's completely amazing and I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it daily and truly believe in this product.

Instant Manicure & Extreme Repair Hand Creme

Other products that I use often and are included in this case are called the Instant Manicure and Extreme Repair Hand Creme. Together these products work wonders for dry, cracked hands. I deal with cardboard all day long at my job and it pulls all the moisture from my hands and for me this set has been a complete lifesaver!

Nourishing Eye Pads

The Nourishing Eye Pads are also included in this starter case and they are fantastic for puffy eyes. Use them for just 5 minutes to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Green Tea Warming Masque

The Green Tea Warming Masque is perfect for pampering. It is self-heating and has aroma-therapeutic properties so it leave you feeling relaxed while also cleansing and soothing your skin. It is probably my favorite masque that we have. 

Get the Pamper Package!

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