Weekly Review: January 26, 2014

Hey lovelies! Not a whole lot has happened this week in my world. Although we have been having REALLY COLD temperatures. I'm not used to this kind of weather! I'm from the south. It shouldn't get this cold!! BRRRRR

But my oldest seems to enjoy it since he gets out of school when it gets this cold. No complaints from him.

Also, my littlest turned 3 MONTHS OLD this week!! I seriously cannot believe how time is flying by! He's going to be one year old before I know it. *tear*

Also, I'm a bit behind on my Vampire Academy Read-Along posts, but I'll hopefully have all the chapters up to 18 on here by the end of the day and start back up with chapter 18 tomorrow! So sorry guys!

What I got

*thanks to NetGalley and Rachel Florence Roberts for these pretties!*

On the Blog Last Week

Planned Posts for This Week

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Vampire Academy Read-Along: Chapters 18-22
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Interesting Posts from Other Bloggers

So I know I'm not an author/writer, but one of my favorite authors wrote this AWESOME post that I think we should all look at and read: Stockholm Syndrome by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Also, one of my favorite blogs is back this week with TONS of awesome new posts. This one stood out to me and was tons of fun to read and join in. Check it out: Battle of the Worst Worlds: Wither v. Article 5 @ Nawanda Files

That's it for me! It was a small haul, but that's a good thing! I have far too many books on my to-read list right now. Seriously. Just to get through all the books I HAVE to read (at approximately 1 read/review per week) will take me all the way until JUNE to get through them! I really need to cool it with the requests on NetGalley!!


What did you add to your shelves this week lovelies??
Link in the comments please! :)