Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekly Review: May 1-7, 2016

Hey guys, welcome to my first weekly review in quite some time! Just going to update you a little bit about the blog and my life outside of it. :)

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[DNF] Review: The Switch by Dawn Pendleton & Andrea Heltsley

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Well, where to begin... I suppose I'll start with the fact that I started 12 hours shifts this week. The workload at the place I work has become too great for us to do in a 5 day/8 hours shift so they've split us up into two shifts, added some people and put on 12 hour days so that we have a shift going every day. I'm still getting used to it. My body is saying "absolutely not!! We can't handle this!!!" but the days off in between are rather nice. Gives me time to update here and take my little man to school and pick him up, which he is thrilled about. 

I'm also currently working on getting things up and running here again. Hoping to post a review at least once a week (although with 12 hour shifts I'm not sure I'll get as much reading done as I'd like on those days). I'm thinking about maybe bringing in a guest reviewer every now and then to help with reviews. 

Happy Sunday!!

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